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This project provides a comprehensive set of Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit

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PyQt is an open source and free command-line software that contains a comprehensive set of Python 2 and Python 3 bindings for the Qt application framework developed and distributed by Digia. It is a platform-independent application, known to work well on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

It supports both Qt 4 and Qt 5 branches, comprises of over 620 classes, and it is the only tool that unites the Python cross-platform interpreted language with the Qt cross-platform application framework.

Features at a glance

Key features include a comprehensive set of widgets, a feature-rich and powerful canvas, flexible layout managers, video and audio playback support, integration with any WebKit browser engine, support for various popular XML query technologies, including XSLT, XQuery and XPath, as well as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) communications for Qt 4.3 and later.

In addition, the software features standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) capabilities for apps, including dock windows, toolbars and menus, allows for easy communication between app components like slots and signals, provides a wide variety of model/view features, supports SQL databases, and integrates with the Qt Linguist translation utility.

It also comes with several rich text processing, printing and displaying functions, including export for PDF documents, offers a unified painting system that features OpenGL integration, transparency, SVG support and anti-aliasing, it’s multi-lingual, supports threading classes, integrates several widget styles, as well as input/output and networking.

Supports the Qt Designer application

Another interesting feature is the built-in support for the Qt Designer application, allowing UI (User Interface) designers to use various attractive functions, such as the ability to add custom Python-based widgets to an existing set of Qt widgets.

Among other features, we can mentin inter-process communication through D-Bus message buses, a stream-oriented API, support for XML handling APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) like DOM and SAX, an ECMAScript interpreter, as well as undo frameworks and text completion.

PyQt was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 19th, 2015
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