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Eclipse plugin for Qt manages the generation of Makefiles from .pro files and compilation with make.





Eclipse plugin for Qt manages the generation of Makefiles from .pro files and compilation with make.

Eclipse plugin for Qt is experimental, which means there is currently a limited number of features. Yet, it should provide you with the basis for compiling a Qt project. It is based on CDT for the C++ part.

Unfortunately, CDT has not yet reached the level of usability of Eclipse for Java. This becomes particularly noticeable with Qt, in particular regarging code completion, which I had to disable (see Known bugs and limitations). Fortunately, the soon-to-be released Callisto project should make a big step in the good direction.

This plugin has been tested with Eclipse 3.1.2 and CDT 3.0.2. Testing with Callisto will be done after release candidates.

Here are some key features of "Eclipse plugin for Qt":

· Project type for Qt
· Builder for managing qmake
· Dedicated console
· Problems reporting
· Editor for .pro files
· Configurable syntax highlighting
· Content assist for variables
· Problems reporting


· Eclipse


· The QMake projeccts does not seem to be associated with the C/C++perspective.
· For a reason that I do not understand, there is a timestamp issue with the .pro and Makefile files. To avoid unecessary multiple calls of qmake, I parametrize the CDT builder that invokes make to ignore the timestamp of the Makefile (option -o Makefile of the builder, set in the .project file).
· The default behaviour I chosed for the make process is to build the all target, which has the effect of building both debug and release version of a same project. I should find a nice way to parametrize this. For the moment, the user can change this on a per project basis by editing the "C/C++ Make Project" properties of the project.
· If you play with Makefile names in your .pro or if you manually touch/rename/move the Makefile, the behaviour is undefined.

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed a bug in preferences: QMAKESPEC was stored with same key than QMAKEFEATURES (bug reporter: Brandon).
Last updated on December 30th, 2006
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