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convert Trac tickets to Github issues





tratihubis is a tool that converts Trac tickets to Github issues by using the following steps:

1. The user manually exports the Trac tickets to convert to a CSV file.
2. Tratihubis reads the CSV file and uses the data to create Github issues and milestones.


To install tratihubis, use pip or easy_install:

 pip install tratihubis

If needed, this also installs the PyGithub package.


Information about Trac tickets to convert has to be provided in a CSV file. To obtain this CSV file, create a new Trac query using the SQL statement stored in query_tickets.sql and saving the result by clicking "Download in other formats: Comma-delimited Text" and choosing for example /Users/me/mytool/tickets.csv as output file.

Next create a config file to describe how to login to Github and what to convert. For example, you could store the following in ~/mytool/tratihubis.cfg:

user = someone
password = secret
repo = mytool
tickets = /Users/me/mytool/tickets.csv

Then run:

 tratihubis ~/mytool/tratihubis.cfg

This tests that the input data and Github information is valid and writes a log to the console describing which operations would be performed.

To actually create the Github issues, you need to enable to command line option --really:

 tratihubis --really ~/mytool/tratihubis.cfg

Be aware that Github issues and milestones cannot be deleted in case you mess up. Your only remedy is to remove the whole repository and start anew. So make sure that tratihubis does what you want before you enable --really.
Last updated on May 6th, 2012

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