svnpserver 0.7.4819

svnpserver is a CVS pserver implementation for Subversion.
svnpserver is a CVS pserver implementation for Subversion. It is useful for e.g. old build-scripts or legacy application when migrating from CVS to SVN.

Examples of such applications may be build-scripts on old branches that have been shipped to customers and might get rebuilt in the future, but you don't want to port the build-system on all branches to subversion. Another example is a tool that uses version control but can only work with CVS.


As a prerequisite, install the python SVN modules from -- to develop svnpserver, Version 1.5.0 was used.
Install and put an entry into /etc/inetd.conf similar to the following (the syntax is different for other inet servers like xinetd, in the following example the two lines should be joined into one):

2401 stream tcp nowait nobody /path/to/ svn+ssh://path/to/svn/repository/

The Server currently supports http and svn+ssh repository access methods. The file method is alway accessing the repository as the user configured in the inetd configuration and is not recommended.

For the svn+ssh access method, the SSH agent socket (setting of SSH_AUTH_SOCK) is set as the cvs password. To set, run cvs login and paste the contents of the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable as the password.

For the http access method, you have to do a blind login, using the command cvs login with the correct username and password to use for the http authentication. Symptom of a wrong password is an infinite hang on a cvs command that needs authentication (e.g., a commit) where svnpserver repeatedly tries to authenticate with subversion, always using the same wrong password. This bahaviour is, of course, considered a bug.

The CVSROOT is currently ignored by svnpserver but may be used in the future to access different parts of a svn repository with different settings (or different svn repos).

Usage: [-p|--project project] [-s|--syslog] svnroot

What's New in This Release:

· version command implemented
· fix bug in last version that prevented checkout of tags and branches

last updated on:
May 30th, 2008, 0:47 GMT
developed by:
Ralf Schlatterbeck
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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