snowdrop 0.02b

snowdrop provides a stenographic text/code watermarking tool.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Michal Zalewski
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snowdrop provides a stenographic text/code watermarking tool.

snowdrop is a steganographic text document and C code watermarking tool that uses redundant, tamper-evident and modification-proof information embedded in the content itself, instead of the medium, to simplify tracking of proprietary code leaks, sensitive information disclosure, etc.

Snowdrop is intended to bring (relatively) invisible and modification-proof watermarking to a new realm of "source material" - written word and computer source codes.

The information is not being embedded in the least significant portions of some binary output, as it would be with a traditional low-level steganography, but into the source itself.

The idea, at least for English, isn't new - there was some serious work done by Mikhail Atallah from Purdue University. Snowdrop is merely an attempt to
provide a reliable, useful tool to implement those source-level watermarking / steganography capabilities. Because of some tricks, such as using specially crafted MD5 shortcuts, it gives certain additional advantages to its
potential users, such as integrity and privacy of embedded information, or an ability to demonstrate the origin of a document to the public (see section 2
for more details). Separate logical channels are used to carry highly redundant watermark to ensure it is extremely difficult to remove this information by accident, simple reformatting, etc.

What's New in This Release:

Fixes an annoying bug that caused the code to segfault when there is no sync near the end of the watermarked file.
Bit walk algorithm is still a bit broken, and the overall performance and storage capacity sucks, the code needs to be eventually rewritten.

Last updated on March 1st, 2007

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