Shotoku 1.0 Alpha3

Shotoku is designed to provide easy access to content repositories.
Shotoku is designed to provide easy access to content repositories in which you can store data, revision content, bind metadata, and provide branching and merging strategies.

This means Shotoku can interface with repositories such as the Java Content Repository (JSR 170: JCR), Subversion, and file-system based repository implementations that aim to support basic revisioning mechanisms.

Main features:

  • Three content managers: the first and default SVN-based, JCR-based and a local file system repository.
  • Because a local working copy is present, data reading is very fast (SVN repository implementation).
  • Data writing is reliable, because data is sent straight to the repository, without touching the working copy (SVN repository implementation).
  • Shotoku can work in "embedded" mode in stand-alone applications, as well as a component in an application server.
  • Shotoku allows you to "inject" content into any POJO using annotations (currently supported only in app server mode). POJOs which are Shotoku aware are automatically updated when a user updates a node in a Subversion repository Shotoku is configured to reference. Content can be anything and there are no structural requirements placed on the repository - even existing Subversion repositories can be referenced by Shotoku without modification.
  • A simple search mechanism.
  • Integeration with Apache Velocity - you can easily store templates in Shotoku to create higher level application features such as content and blog engines.
  • Feeds component - automatic generation of rss, atom and rdf feeds/ podcasts, configured through a xml file, together with arbitrary feeds aggregation. You can see feeds already at work on JBoss Labs - just click the "Feeds" link in navigation or simply here.
  • Blog component.
  • A simple cache with "renewable" values - a value can be updated on regular intervals of time or when some of watched resources in a content manager change (see wiki for details).

last updated on:
May 31st, 2006, 17:27 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
JBoss Inc.
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