SVNBot 0.3

SVNBot software is a Jabber bot for monitoring SVN repository.

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BSD License 
2.4/5 12
Bruce Weirdan
ROOT \ Programming \ Version Control
SVNBot software is a Jabber bot for monitoring SVN repository.

Setting things up

Register for a jabber account using any conventional jabber client (like Psi, Exodus, Gajim, etc). Personally I use Psi.

Add all the people who should be notified about updates into the contact list.

Check out the repository you want to monitor into a folder.

Modify the svnbot.ini file accordingly, then run svnbot.php

Notifying the people who are using alternative networks

Although svnbot works with jabber only, it's possible to set it up to notify these who are using alternative IM networks (like ICQ, MSN, AIM etc). To do this you will need to find appropriate jabber -> legacy network gateway. Register with the gateway of your choice and then add users to svnbot contact list. Once they are added svnbot will automatically note it and will notify people you added.

Sample output

[23:30:58] *** svnbot is Online [Ready to serve]
[23:32:12] < svnbot >
Revision 15 by weirdan:
fixed paths to libs, made paths to repo and checkout configurable
M /trunk/index.php

Last updated on January 2nd, 2008


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