SVN Extender 0.1r7

SVN Extender intercepts your SVN commands and can allow you to use short forms of URLs.
SVN Extender is a tool that intercepts your SVN commands and can allow you to use short forms of URLs or hook into other SVN commands, such as commit hooks, before passing the arguments to your real SVN client. SVN servers can have commit hooks, but with this, everything runs locally and its very easy to set up.

SVN Extender runs before your real svn client and can hook to any svn command. There are two main things that this program does.

1. General hooks
You can set up shortcuts to that "svn co work:projectA" can be remapped to a new URL such as "svn co"
2. pre-commit hooks
run syntax check on any file you are committing
Commit Protector - This will search the diff of what you're committing and abort the commit if the defined keyword is found.
run a code standards check against any file you are committing




1. run

== For Developers ==

1. symlink ~/bin/svn to the in your checkout
2. create ~/.svn-extender and copy the config.ini to ~/.svn-extender/config.ini
3. symlink ~/.svn-extender/modules to the bin/modules in your checkout
4. stay up to date with "bzr up"

last updated on:
July 17th, 2008, 17:15 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Asa Ayers
ROOT \ Programming \ Version Control
SVN Extender
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