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A cross-platform and Open Source GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system

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RapidSVN is a free, open source, cross-platform, simple, efficient and multilingual application that has been designed from the offset to act as a GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-end for the Subversion (SVN) revision system.

Features at a glance

With RapidSVN. users will be able to access all of Subversion’s features using an easy-to-use interface that is specifically designed for beginners, but usable for advanced Subversion users. The application very flexible and includes a Subversion client C++ API.

The application comes with built-in support for Unicode characters and its translated in many languages, including English, German, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Ukrainian.

Getting started with RapidSVN

After installation, you will be able to start the application from the main menu of your operating system. It’s graphical user interface is pretty simple and straightforward, comprised of a status view area that displays connection errors and other information, a connection manager area where you can manage your Subversion connections, as well as the main view area.

From the Preferences dialog, users can set general options, such as purge of temporary files on program exit, commit log message or reset Flat Mode on program startup, add the default text editor, file explorer, diff utility and merge tool, as well as to enable essential authentication options.

Under the hood and supported OSes

RapidSVN is a very fast application, as it is written entirely in the C++ programming language, using the wxWidgets framework for its graphical user interface (GUI). It’s a portable application that supports GNU/Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Availability and supported platforms

At the moment, RapidSVN is distributed primarily as a universal sources archive, containing all the source code the application, which must be optimized for your hardware platform (32-bit and 64-bit are supported at this time) prior to installation.

RapidSVN was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on October 13th, 2014
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