Diffstat 1.58

This project provides a CLI utility that can read the output of the diff command

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What's new in Diffstat 1.58:

  • add COPYING file (request by Dagobert Michelsen).
  • improved portability for cross-compiling, by supplying missing getopt function as well as improving checks for popen/pclose prototypes.
  • updated configure macros, e.g., for MingW and MSYS fixes.
  • update config.guess, config.sub
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BSD License 
3.1/5 22
Thomas E. Dickey
ROOT \ Programming \ Version Control
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Diffstat - The help message of the Diffstat command-line utilityDiffstat - The usage message of the Diffstat command-line utility
Diffstat is an open source command-line software that reads the output of the diff command and displays a histogram of the deletions, modifications and insertions in each file.

Diffstat is commonly used on Linux/UNIX operating systems to provide a summary of the changes in large and complex patch files.

Usage: diffstat [options] [files]

The program will read from one or more input files that contain output from the diff command, generating a histogram of total lines changed for each file referenced.

However, keep in mind that If no filename is given on the command-line, Diffstat will automatically read from standard input.

Last updated on October 29th, 2013

#diff command #display histogram #file insertions #diffstat #diff #command #histogram

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