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CVSweb is a visual (WWW) interface for exploring a CVS repository.




CVSweb is a WWW interface for CVS repositories with which you can browse a file hierarchy on your browser to view each file's revision history in a very handy manner.

CVSweb was originally written by Bill Fenner for the FreeBSD Project, and instantly won great popularity among software developers for its usability.

FreeBSD-CVSweb, formerly known as knu-CVSweb, is an enhanced version of CVSweb based on Henner Zeller's CVSweb, which is an extended version of the original CVSweb. Akinori MUSHA made numerous cleanups, bug-fixes, security enhancements and feature improvements over the version and brought it back where it was born. FreeBSD-CVSweb is currently maintained by Ville Skyttä.

FreeBSD-CVSweb is freely available under the terms of The BSD License. It is currently used by such projects as FreeBSD, Mandriva, NetBSD, OpenDarwin, and Ruby.

What's New in This Release:

· Better human readable diff output when rcsdiff doesn't output anything, as well as improved "Diff to" presentation in the log view.
· MIME types are allowed to contain "+".
Last updated on September 26th, 2005

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