3.13 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
1.8/5 17
A CSV repository 'patchset' information generator





CVSps is an open source software designed for generating 'patchset' information from a CVS repository.

Usage: cvsps [-h] [-x] [-u] [-z < fuzz >] [-g] [-s < range >[,< range >]]
[-a < author >] [-f < file >] [-d < date1 > [-d < date2 >]]
[-b < branch >] [-l < regex >] [-r < tag > [-r < tag >]]
[-p < directory >] [-v] [-t] [--norc] [--summary-first]
[--test-log < captured cvs log file >] [--bkcvs]
[--no-rlog] [--diff-opts < option string >] [--cvs-direct]
[--debuglvl < bitmask >] [-Z < compression >] [--root < cvsroot >]
[< repository >] [-q]


-h display this informative message
-x ignore (and rebuild) cvsps.cache file
-u update cvsps.cache file
-z < fuzz > set the timestamp fuzz factor for identifying patch sets
-g generate diffs of the selected patch sets
-s < patch set >[-[< patch set >]][,< patch set >...] restrict patch sets by id
-a < author > restrict output to patch sets created by author
-f < file > restrict output to patch sets involving file
-d < date1 > -d < date2 > if just one date specified, show
revisions newer than date1. If two dates specified,
show revisions between two dates.
-b < branch > restrict output to patch sets affecting history of branch
-l < regex > restrict output to patch sets matching in log message
-r < tag1 > -r < tag2 > if just one tag specified, show
revisions since tag1. If two tags specified, show
revisions between the two tags.
-p output patch sets to individual files in
-v show very verbose parsing messages
-t show some brief memory usage statistics
--norc when invoking cvs, ignore the .cvsrc file
--summary-first when multiple patch sets are shown, put all summaries first
--test-log < captured cvs log > supply a captured cvs log for testing
--diff-opts < option string > supply special set of options to diff
--bkcvs special hack for parsing the BK -> CVS log format
--no-rlog disable rlog (it's faulty in some setups)
--cvs-direct (--no-cvs-direct) enable (disable) built-in cvs client code
--debuglvl < bitmask > enable various debug channels.
-Z < compression > A value 1-9 which specifies amount of compression
--root < cvsroot > specify cvsroot. overrides env. and working directory
-q be quiet about warnings
< repository > apply cvsps to repository. overrides working directory
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