poste_replique 0.1.5

CLI and Python API for client-side communication with a persistent REPL server
poste_replique is a Python library and command-line client to facilitate communication with a node replique server.

poste_replique can be used to do evaluation and completion of javascript code on a persistent node REPL.

The replique server is distributed (along with poste_replique) as part of the vim noderepl addon.

replique can also be installed separately with npm::
 npm install replique

CLI Usage

You will need to have a running replique server. See the replique documentation for more info.

To connect with the Python CLI:

$ evaluate '["hello", "world"].join(" ")'
'hello world'

All evaluations take place in a persistent environment.

It is possible to use a different persistent environment by specifying a context:

$ evaluate --context CLI-test 'var test = "testing"'
$ evaluate --context CLI-test 'test'
$ evaluate 'test'

Not specifying a context is equivalent to specifying the context "default".

It's also possible to specify a different host and/or port using the --server and --port options.

API Usage

The API is fairly straightforward.

Communication with the server consists of calling the post function.

See the source code or the docstrings for more information.

An example of usage can be found in the vim addon noderepl.


See the documentation for the replique server (found in the noderepl repo) for information on replique's communication protocol.

last updated on:
June 4th, 2011, 4:59 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Ted Tibbetts
ROOT \ Programming \ UI (User Interfaces)
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