Vexi 3.0 Build 3835

A platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces

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What's new in Vexi 3.0 Build 3447:

  • There have been several Core API improvements and several Core improvements, notably more efficient event handling.
  • There has been major feature enhancements for the JS engine (support for 'this', 'instanceof' keywords, constructors, proxy list objects), as well as optimizations (much leaner maps, arrays), major fixes for other JS features including cloning.
  • There has been lots of small, iterative improvements to the Widgets, including some new widgets.
  • The launcher has been improved, and there have been man other fixes to all areas of the platform since the previous release.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.3/5 18
Charles Goodwin
ROOT \ Programming \ UI (User Interfaces)
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Vexi is a platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces that can be used over the Internet or an intranet.

Vexi project features a very simple and powerful syntax based on xml and javascript, a set of complete, extensible, themable widgets, and a sandbox-like security model to protect users.

Vexi2 is in the final stages of stabilization. All features have been implemented. Most remaining work to be done is on project infrastructure (documentation, demos, etc) so that a visitor can easily use and learn about Vexi.

Soon Vexi will be able to adapt to each browser and platform, allowing it to work on most desktop computers without administrative intervention. Currently it requires Java is present on the client machine but the native builds are the next focus for the project.

Last updated on April 15th, 2010


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