PyGTK Shell 1.90.6

PyGTK Shell is a framework for interactive GUI programming.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
1.0/5 1
Felix Rabe
ROOT \ Programming \ UI (User Interfaces)
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PyGTK Shell
PyGTK Shell provides widgets derived from PyGTK optimized for interactive programming as well as an interactive, extensible PyGTK console for the rapid prototyping of GUI applications. It can be embedded by PyGTK applications.

Requirements: Python 2.5, GTK+ 2.10, PyGTK 2.10 (earlier versions might work, but are not tested)

Limitations: License: GNU General Public License >= 2 (not exactly "Freeware")

What's New in This Release:

This is a major update! This version shares no (major) code with the previous 0.9.x release series.

Remember that 1.9x.y are development releases - the API will change, so do not (yet) depend on it for large-scale developments.

There is now a public git repository, and the documentation (and website) now uses AsciiDoc.

The development focus for 1.90.0 was a clean rewrite of the provided widget classes. It has some features that 0.9.1 does not have, but at the same time also lacks some of the features that 0.9.1 had. The major drawback is that no sophisticated console got included in this release (but a raw console is available). If you want a better console to work with, stay with the 0.9.1 release for now.

Last updated on May 31st, 2007

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