Morcego 3D network browser 0.4.0

Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and navigating any graph-like structure.
Morcego 3D network browser
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Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and navigating any graph-like structure. Examples of such structures include social networks, site maps, hierarchies, and genealogy trees. It currently only support simple graphs.

Morcego 3D network browser already integrated into TikiWiki. Morcego is not meant to provide a solution for the end user, but to be embedded in a Web application by developers. It's a Java applet that communicates with an XML-RPC server to load the graph that is displayed.

What's New in This Release:

New configuration vars (check README for meaning):
frictionConstant, new Float(0.4f));
elasticConstant, new Float(0.5f));
punctualElasticConstant, new Float(1f));
eletrostaticConstant, new Float(1000f));
springSize, new Float(100));
nodeMass, new Float(5));
nodeCharge, new Float(1));
loadPageOnCenter, new Boolean(true));

These are not used anymore:
linkedNodesDistance Changes:
[ADD] physical model to balance graph
[ADD] support for description box on mouse over
[ADD] Morcego and Arca logs, optional
[ADD] support for different transport layers, only XmlprcTransport available by now [ADD] option to have camera distance relative to nearest node instead of center, default.
[ADD] option to open target page on every navigation, default
[MOD] nodes pop always behind center node, to avoid hanging while rendering very big nodes
[FIX] graph instability in some cases

last updated on:
November 15th, 2005, 22:22 GMT
developed by:
Luis Fagundes
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Morcego 3D network browser
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