Micro Window-Gadgets Builder 0.1.3

Micro Window-Gadgets Builder is a rapid application development environment (or IDE) for UWG (micro window-gadgets).
Micro Window-Gadgets Builder
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Micro Window-Gadgets Builder or in short UWGBuilder is a rapid application development environment (or IDE) for UWG (micro window-gadgets). Essentially it is a graphical editor for UWG user-interfaces, with project-control and other handy bits.

In terms of the interface, Borland's Delphi is probably the closest commercial product. UWGBuilder primarily reads and writes XHPD files, XML markup describing the interface (with code and other things embedded in it); these are converted into C code proper using the ubuildinit tool (and would be triggered from within a generated makefile).

Although not much of the project code is implemented yet, the intention is to use autoconf, automake and friends to handle building projects. As well as building stand-alone UWG/X11 applications, UWGBuilder can be used to edit interfaces for RAPP (remote applications).

UWGBuilder currently has most of the visual gadget database (of UWG gadgets), that generally works in terms of building interfaces. Property and code editing is mostly there too. Various bits of project load/save/etc. also working, but no compilation support yet.
Most of UWGBuilder is based on the earlier WGBuilder (for the previous C++ 'window-gadgets'), though it is a fairly fresh implementation.


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last updated on:
August 28th, 2006, 15:01 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Fred Barnes
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Micro Window-Gadgets Builder
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