LuaGnome 0.9

Binding to Gnome Libraries for Lua
LuaGnome is a project that provides a fairly complete binding to GNOME libraries Lua, including Glib 2.x, GDK, GTK 2.x, and a list of supporting libraries.

With it, you can write small or large applications only in Lua, while using Gtk through an API that almost matches the C API. Currently about 7600 functions and 700 structures, unions, as well as about 5800 constants (enums, #defines) are available. Still, the library is just about 350 kB when compiled (plus a few small, optional Lua files).

For interface design, we recommend Glade3. The XML files generated by it can be used by the glade.lua module or (since Gtk 2.12.0) be read by the GtkBuilder class after a conversion by the gtk-builder-convert script.

A supporting Lua library makes it easy to do asynchronous network communication, i.e. in the background, without blocking the GUI. Currently, HTTP and FTP protocols are implemented. Some sample applications are provided.

last updated on:
January 25th, 2010, 14:46 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Wolfgang Oertl
ROOT \ Programming \ UI (User Interfaces)
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