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A Graphical User Interface (GUI) builder for the GNOME desktop environment and the GTK+ toolkit

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Glade is an open source application that allows GNOME and GTK+ developers to create beautiful and modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for their projects or any other command-line software.

It is a user interface designer and RAD (Rapid Application Development) utility can save projects in the XML (Extensible Markup Language) file format, which can be later loaded by applications dynamically, as needed, using the GtkBuilder GTK+ object.

Also thanks to the GtkBuilder project, developers can use these XML files with numerous programming languages, including C++, C, Python, C#, Vala, Perl, Java, and many others.

Features at a glance

A project’s properties can be modified by adding a tradition domain, selecting a composite template toplevel, choosing how image resource are loaded locally (for the project directory, from project relative folder, or a custom one), and enabling support for a specific GTK+ version.

Considering the fact that the user interface of the application is complex and features a wide range of buttons and settings, it proves to be quite easy to use by novice GTK+/GNOME developers.

It is best used in fullscreen mode and comprises of the main toolbar, dock pallet, dock inspector, dock properties, editor header, and a status bar. The application uses tabs when working with multiple projects at the same time.

The dock pallet provides users with numerous UI elements, such as actions, toplevels, containers, control and display, composite widgets, peas GTK, GTKSourceView, GTK+ Unix print toplevels, as well as other miscellaneous ones.

A web-based developer reference manual will teach novices how to add custom widgets, as well as how to use various functions of the application.

Bottom line

Overall, Glade is a unique, sophisticated and powerful application that allows anyone to easily and quickly deploy graphical user interfaces for their applications, supporting the GTK+ toolkit and running on top of the GNOME desktop environment.

Glade was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 12th, 2015
Glade - The main window, where developers can easily and quickly create user interfaces

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