A Menu Kit 0.1 Alpha 1

A Python GUI menu module
A Menu Kit is a Python module designed to simplify the specification, creation, and manipulation of graphical menus.  Menu systems written with this module will work without modification on all supported GUIs.

The kit supplies wrappers for tkinter, pygtk, pyqt and wxPython. Menus are represented by python objects linked together in a tree structure. The python objects can be inactive, or active. Active menus are connected to real menus in the gui and changes made to them will be reflected in the gui. When an inactive menu is made active the appropriate gui menus will be constructed automatically
Menus (and menu fragments) can be built up using normal python methods for manipulating data structures or from lists of python strings or from data formats such as XML, jason, yaml etc. Python menu structures, however constructed, can be converted easily into any of these formats.
Porting a menu system from one gui to another, simply involves importing a different wrapper module. Everything else will work exactly the same.

Main features:

  • cross gui compatibility
  • easy to use
  • easy manipulation of font, colors and icons
  • custom on and off icons for radio and check buttons

last updated on:
October 10th, 2009, 1:29 GMT
developed by:
Robert Ledger
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
ROOT \ Programming \ UI (User Interfaces)
A Menu Kit
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