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A handy tool that takes something very complex and difficult to control and makes it easy

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With the Structure101 Client you will be able to:

Control Architecture. See exactly how your high-level components depend on each other and why. Find out immediately when your architecture is accidently changed by code-level changes at the coal-face, and how to best reverse out the rogue dependencies.

Control Structural Complexity. Structure is complex stuff - but there are limits. There is no need to put more than so much complexity into any method, class or package - ever. Set complexity limits at each level and Structure101 will measure the degree to which any item exceeds the limits and relate this to the amount of code impacted so that you can prioritize any repair work. And immediately discover the locations of productivity-killing package dependency cycles and analyze how best to break them.

The Structure101 Client does this in a very simple way - by exposing and measuring your software's structure. Just being able to see what's there now, at every level of the design hierarchy, will make your developers more productive and help them grow the code in-line with the intended architecture and within reasonable complexity limits. There's no need to work in the dark any more.

Structure101 is a useful program that takes something very complex and difficult to control - software structure (e.g. "design", "architecture", ...) - and makes it easy.

Last updated on October 29th, 2009

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