yafic 1.2.2

yafic is Yet Another File Integrity Checker, similar to programs like Tripwire, integrit, and AIDE.

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BSD License 
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Allan Saddi
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
yafic is Yet Another File Integrity Checker, similar to programs like Tripwire, integrit, and AIDE. It is fast, simple, and yet be flexible enough to be used in different situations. yafic uses NIST's SHA-1 hash algorithm to fingerprint files.

Here are some key features of "yafic":

Configuration file format similar to Tripwire.
Ability to track changes in file attributes like permissions/mode, inode #, number of links, user id, group id, size, access time, modification time, creation/inode modification time.
Hashes files using SHA-1, a 160-bit hash algorithm.
Attribute templates (like Tripwire). Add/subtract individual attribute flags.
Configuration files are parsed in order, making them more intuitive. For example, a rule that prunes a directory can still have its subdirectories/contents scanned by subsequent explicit rules.
An alternate root besides / may be specified. Paths specified in the configuration file will be interpreted relative to the new root. Useful for checking multiple jail(8) installations.
Attempts to be platform independent. Makes no assumption about the size of stat(2) fields. If your platform's off_t or time_t are 64-bits wide, yafic will adjust. The tradeoff is that databases cannot be shared across platforms with differing stat's. (Though doing so doesn't really make much sense.)
Report is short, and to-the-point, allowing easy parsing by scripts. Inspired by integrit.
Optionally displays SHA-1 hash of resultant database in report. (You can use sha to verify it.)
Can view the contents of any resultant database.
Can compare the contents of any two databases.
Can cryptographically sign and verify databases.

What's New in This Release:

Fix bug introduced by last commit where lstat() warnings were always given.

Last updated on March 20th, 2008

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