testr_recipe 0.3

Buildout recipe to create scripts to run testrepository.

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ZPL (Zope Public License) 
James Westby
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
testr_recipe allows you to easily add a testrepository script to your buildout project. This really only means that the user doesn't have to have testr on their path, and they can just use ./bin/test or simlar.

This works very similarly to zc.recipe.testrunner, and in fact borrows most of its code from there.

A sample buildout configuration would be:

develop = .
parts = test

recipe = testr_recipe
script = test

which will have ./bin/test run using the .testr.conf in your root dir.

These are the options you can use:

  * script: define the name of the script to create, if not passed then the name of the section will be used.
  * working-directory: if somewhere other than the root of the project should be used.
  * environment: the name of a section containing pairs of values to put in the environment for the test run, e.g.


    recipe = testr_recipe
    enironment = testenv

    foo = bar
    zap = zang

  * initialization: a string containing python code to put in the test script before testr is run.
  * executable: the python executable to put in the #! of the script.
  * defaults: a list of options to prepend sys.argv for testr. These are specified as Python source for an expression yielding a list, typically a list literal. One thing you can do with this is::

    parts = test testr

    recipe = testr_recipe

    recipe = testr_recipe
    defaults = ["run"]

    which will make ./bin/test run the tests, and allow you to use ./bin/testr to access all the features of testr.

Future enhancments:

  * Maybe automatically doing "testr init" when setting up the project, so that ./bin/test works straight away.
  * Automatically generate a .testr.conf using standard mechanisms.

Last updated on July 30th, 2010


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