TestPlan 1.0 r6

An automated testing tool for testing interactive web systems.
The TestPlan project is an automated testing tool for testing interactive web systems.

Common Activities

TestPlan was originally written at eCircle↗ as part of the automated test platform for eC-messenger. That application covers most of the spectrum of what could possibly be done in an online application, so TestPlan has evolved to cover a great deal of features. From an activity stand point, these are some of the characteristics which need to be tested:

 * Uploading and downloading files via Web
 * Sending text/html/multipart email
 * Receiving a volume of email to distinct email addresses
 * Following email links onto web pages to fill out forms
 * FTP export and import of data
 * Secure web access
 * Asynchronous SOAP messaging, both sending and receipt
 * Synchronous SOAP functional API
 * Automatic data generation
 * Availability monitoring of the application interfaces
 * Customization and custom script checking
 * Alarm integration with network monitors
 * Compatibility testing with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows and Linux
 * Multi-lingual pages and locales
 * Page/action performance measurement

After development of over 6 years, eCircle has graciously allowed us to make this product available under the GPLv3, and we are quite happy to do so. At the moment we are still working on cleaning up some interfaces and specialized API, but generally it is a working product, suitable for immediate use in any testing environment.

Main features:

  • Testing web pages via a Firefox or Internet Explorer, or a display-less backend
  • Reporting for status feedback on an entire test suite
  • Metrics for page responses and availability
  • Email and FTP for full web application testing
  • Unified syntax for Email, Text, HTML, CSV, and XML data
  • Advanced tracing for locating overnight errors
  • High-level specialized testing language suitable for non-developers
  • JavaScript and dynamic page testing

last updated on:
October 11th, 2010, 15:23 GMT
developed by:
The TestPlan team
license type:
GPL v3 
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What's New in This Release:
  • TestPlan 1.0 r6 includes several small enhancements improving ease-of-use and making it easier to extract data from web pages. We've also upgraded the HTMLUnit back-end for improved website compatibility.
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