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TAHI Test Suite provides a mechanism for validating an IPv6 implementation.





TAHI Test Suite provides a mechanism for validating an IPv6 implementation against a standardized test for conformance to the IPv6 specification, extensions and directly related protocols.

TAHI Project is the joint effort formed with the objective of developing and providing the verification technology for IPv6.

The growth process of IPv4 was the history of encountering various kinds of obstacles and conquering such obstacles. However, once the position as infrastructure was established, it is not allowed to repeat the same history. This is a reason why the verification technology is essential for IPv6 deployment.

We research and develop conformance tests and interoperability tests for IPv6.

We closely work with the KAME project and USAGI project. We help activities of them in the quality side by offering the verification technology we develop in the TAHI project and improve the development efficiency.

We open the results and fruits of the project to the public for FREE. Any developer concerned with IPv6 can utilize the results and fruits of TAHI project freely. A free software plays an important role in progress of the Internet. We believe that providing the verification technology for FREE contributes to advances of IPv6. Besides the programs, the specifications and criteria of verification will be included in the Package.

What's New in This Release:

This release adds support for upper-layer reachability confirmation.
It fixes a timing bug in autoconfiguration.
It fixes tests involving ICMPv6 Redirect.
It adds test to verify that a host properly processes the Prefix Information Option in the Router Advertisement.
Last updated on July 10th, 2008

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