System Statistics Remote Checker 0.9

System Statistics Remote Checker is a tool to remotely check computers physical status.
SSRC is System Statistics Remote Checker and is a tool to remotely check computers physical status. Just execute and test it, its really very simple.


edit your logins.dat file. Here SSRC stores logins, which are allowed to log into SSRC. Logins specified there does not need to exist in the system.

just execute the SSRC binary, as it should work at all linux stations. If no, compile it by yourself (f.e.: $ gcc -O3 -Wall -o SSRC main.cpp) and then execute SSRC binary.

check, if its running by:
$ ps aux | grep SSRC | grep -v grep

bingo! if it's running, just telnet to your machine from anywhere in the world to the port 1225.

log into system and enjoy SSRC. type "help" to see all avaible commands.

unfortunately, there is still no shutdown command. You have to kill SSRC by yourself - f.e.:
$ killall SSRC

What's New in This Release:

finally, it may work as a standalone daemon. There are still some problems with inetd.
wrote README, INSTALL, TODO and this file
few bugfixes

last updated on:
September 20th, 2005, 16:32 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
System Statistics Remote Checker
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