Program used to test the speed of Java code on various computer platforms.
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The SpeedTest software tests the speed of Java code on various computer platforms.

In preparing for the design of a map making program I was concerned with how fast, or slow, some common program code structures might be.

Back in the "old" days when we ran with a 1MHZ or 2MHZ 8 bit 8080 CPU we always had to be concerned with getting every bit of performance. Because Java is a "byte code" system and not fully compiled it will run somewhat slower than a fully compiled program.

Comparative tests have shown that the Java Virtual Machine (VM) run code about 1⁄2 as fast as a fully compiled program.

To look into the performance of Java code a number of simple test routines were run on several machines. Overall, the performance was quite good to outstanding.

The program allows you to run four different tests.
1. A null loop 50,000,000 times.
2. 500,000 sin and 500,000 cos math calculations.
3. A simple array of 5000 doubles is allocated 50,000 times.
4. Load an array of 50,000 points 20 times.

While not a test, the program will also read out the Java Run Time
environment parameters for you.

The Timing Tests.doc and .htm files provide the results from running
the program on a number of machines. If you provide the results from
your machine I will look at adding it to the report.

last updated on:
May 2nd, 2011, 6:45 GMT
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developed by:
Fred W. Pospeschil
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