PyreRing 0.9

PyreRing is a test case runner to manage command line test scripts.

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The Apache License 2.0 
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PyreRing Team
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PyreRing is a test case runner to manage command line test scripts.

The goal and inspiration for PyreRing is to develop an open source test runner that will execute scripts intended to act as individual test cases. We hope that it will simplify the writing of test cases by adding the functionality, flexibility, and reduce unnecessary complexity. By removing the administrative burden that often surrounds testing, the test author can focus on writing meaningful, direct, and useful test cases. It is hoped that any project can quickly and easily install and use PyreRing with minimal knowledge of how this test harness works.

PyreRing was born out of frustration of maintaining a host of unrelated test cases. Countless days have been spent attempting to assimilate the various results, keep track of different requirements, and differentiating test cases failures from harness errors. PyreRing is written in Python. Python was chosen because it is easy to understand, powerful, and quite frankly it's fun to play with. This in no way limits what your test cases may be written in. As long as you wrap your test cases with a Unix shell or scripted language wrapper, it will be executed.

PyreRing's strength lies not just in running the individual test cases that you've created; it's capable of running the resulting test suites that are comprised of the battery of test cases that you've produced. Furthermore, PyreRing will add the following capabilities:

Set a timeout value
Send reports to email addresses
Automatically organize your test cases by filesystem directories or suite files that you define
Create automatic suites based on a predefined block in your test scripts
Captures standard out and standard error into a comprehensive log

Last updated on June 7th, 2008

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