PyRAFT 0.01

PyRAFT is a Rapid Automation Framework for Testing in Python.
PyRAFT is a Rapid Automation Framework for Testing in Python. Usually such frameworks have an acronym as the name of the project.I too was carried away and found this as the suitable name for what I want to work upon.

The target of this project is to bring the utilities for automation of functional, performance and securitytesting under a single umbrella. Each one of these is a vast field in itself. So, the traget can never be an exhaustive framework, especially when it is being developed by a single person. This framework will alteast try to provide a common platform for a set of testing activities from the perspective of different types of testing.

Main features:

  • Insertion of strings at a specified location, though you can use the underlying classes to provide the binary packed data as well.
  • Erase the specified number of bytes at a particular location in file.
  • Automatic File output name generation. Checks for already existing output files and accordingly creates new names. So, for multiple runs, one need not worry about shifting of files.
  • Facility for providing output file name by user. In this case, the file is overwriten if already existing.
  • Chunk Based File Handling. To allow the utility to deal with large files, chunk based file handling is used. Default chunk size is 10000 Bytes. User can specify the chunk size.
  • A user friendly command line interface with help available. Handles basic option errors and gives useful usage information mentioning the exact error.
  • Utility is built over a general-purpose class hierarchy, with the vision of much bigger and general purpose PYRAFT framework, and small quick utilities built over it.
  • Platform support: The utility has been tested on Windows XP. You might need to customize it for other platforms.

last updated on:
July 30th, 2008, 19:39 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Rahul Verma
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
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