Open Source Requirements Management Tool

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Open Source Requirements Management Tool is designed to achieve full SDLC traceability for features.




Open Source Requirements Management Tool is designed to achieve full SDLC traceability for features, requirements, design, implementation, and testing.

Open Source Requirements Management Tool has a UI for requirements derivation, version control, and common or custom attributes (rationale, source, risk, effort, etc.).

It is suitable for product managers, developers, and analysts to collaborate with flexibility and scalability.

Here are some key features of "Open Source Requirements Management Tool":

Marketing Features.
System and Functional Requirements.
Design Artifacts.
Source Artifacts.
Test Case.
Create any number of classes of artifacts e.g. Issues, Maintenance, etc.
Link or attach files to artifacts.
Trace any artifacts (e.g. Features to Requirements, Requirements to Test Cases etc).
Arrange artifacts into a hierarchal structure.
Filter and sort requirements.
Any JDBC compliant database may be used from MS Access to MySQL to Oracle.
Generate custom reports.
Export artifacts.


Java Environment

What's New in This Release:

This release has significant reporting improvements including custom prompt forms, outline generation, and Web-based reports.
The Web client adds attachments and basic traceability.
This release adds user-defined fields, along with tools to select an existing artifact to duplicate the form controls and position level security.
New controls are available to add from templates.
There are numerous bugfixes for usability, and an extended scope for the software baseline.
Last updated on March 27th, 2007

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