Java checkstyle Tool 5.3

A development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard.

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What's new in Java checkstyle Tool 5.3:

  • OuterTypeFilename was added, which checks that the outer type name and the file name match.
  • PackageDeclaration was enhanced to optionally check that the package name matches the name of the directory containing the file.
  • NestedForDepth was added, which restricts nested for blocks to a specified depth (default = 1).
  • MethodCount was added, which checks the number of methods declared in each type.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Oliver Burn
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
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Java checkstyle Tool
Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. Java checkstyle Tool automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task. This makes it ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard.

Checkstyle is highly configurable and can be made to support almost any coding standard. An example configuration file is supplied supporting the Sun Code Conventions. As well, other sample configuration files are supplied for other well known conventions.

Checkstyle can check many aspects of your source code. Historically it's main functionality has been to check code layout issues, but since the internal architecture was changed in version 3, more and more checks for other purposes have been added. Now Checkstyle provides checks that find class design problems, duplicate code, or bug patterns like double checked locking.

Last updated on October 21st, 2010

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