Flyspray is an uncomplicated, web-based bug tracking system for assisting with software development.
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Flyspray is an uncomplicated, web-based bug tracking system for assisting with software development. The project was originally conceived when the Psi Jabber client project couldn't find a bugtracker that suited their needs, and has been made available for everyone to use for their own projects.

Flyspray is Free Software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. This essentially means that you can get Flyspray and use it free of charge. The source code is available, and you are welcome to modify it to suit your needs. Submitting your changes back to us is entirely optional, but we'd love to hear from you!


- A computer to act as a server,
- Web server software. We recommend and support Flyspray running on Apache. Flyspray may work with other webserver software, but are untested and unsupported at this stage.
- The PHP web scripting language (at least version 4.3),
- The ADOdb database abstraction layer,
- Database server software. Currently supported are MySQL and PostgreSQL. Flyspray may work with other database types, but are untested and unsupported at this stage.
- A web browser with good support for web standards. We recommend Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but Microsoft Internet Explorer should be avoided. Internet Explorer's ability to render standard XHTML and CSS is fairly limited, and many of the w3c guidelines are implemented in quite a broken way. Please file a bug report with Microsoft to fix their browser.

Main features:

  • Web-based, platform-independent
  • Multiple database support (through the ADOdb database abstraction layer)
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple projects
  • Permissions-based user groups
  • 'Watching' tasks, with notification of changes (email or Jabber)
  • Comprehensive task history
  • File attachments
  • CSS themes

last updated on:
May 4th, 2009, 10:10 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
Tony Collins
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
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What's New in This Release:
  • Improved: Now using our own DOT server for dependency graphs. Also works for non-public hosts.
  • Fixed: Cannot add users with whitespace in user name to group
  • Fixed: Connection does not support host with socket info
  • FS#1512 - Acceptance of GPL not required for use (removed for both versions)
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