BundleMan 1.3.0

Manage releasing of application build on versioned products under subversion.
BundleMan try to manage releasing of application build on versioned products under subversion.

An application is a products suite defined using subversion svn:externals property. An application is a bundle of products.

A product is just a versioned piece of software.

Releasing an application is about taking care of tagging the source repository, managing version of each products, managing CHANGELOG, creating a source package archive, giving ways to maitain a release without blocking the trunk development.


You can play with BundleMan in a sandbox using the unit test environment.

From the extracted archive:

$ python setup.py test
running test
INFO: Archive: /tmp/bm-jE9JMJ/co/APP.tgz
Ran 6 tests in 72.976s

Look at the temporary folder /tmp/bm-{WhAtEvEr}/ you will find a svn folder which contains the svn sandbox repository and a co folder with working copies of an application. For example co/app is a trunk bundle with 2 empty products foo and bar. You can test some bm-bundle commands from here, try bm-bundle -v then try to release this apps following the use case below.

Main features:

  • BundleMan is free software distributed under the GNU GPL.
  • It uses a recommended trunk/branches/tags repository layouts for products and bundles.
  • It uses standard versioning MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX-RELEASE for products.
  • Versioning of products is done automaticly by analysing a CHANGES file.
  • Enforce CHANGELOG quality by requiring a product CHANGES file.
  • It Generates an application CHANGELOG.
  • There is no locking of the trunk or version's conflict when patching a released application.
  • Can manage public, private or remote products.
  • BundleMan is written in python and can be easily customized.

last updated on:
March 27th, 2009, 9:54 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Nuxeo SAS
ROOT \ Programming \ Quality Assurance and Testing
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