TiP 0.3.4

The I Preprocessor
TiP is a general purpose framework for quickly build a working web site in a typical PHP/MySQL environment. It is targeted at developers, experienced Web administrators and anyone unafraid of hacking and using a text editor.

I've tried some open source CMS but I've found them really bad developed or too bloat for my requirements, so I started to write my own one. Soon I found some limitation due to the CMS idea itself: shaking together PHP and HTML (as done by a lot of CMS) gives a site structure too rigid and a bad programming style.

So I choosed to develop a preprocessor (as PHP itself): TiP is a sort of additional abstraction layer built on top of PHP.

Main features:

  • Logic and style completely separated:
  • Although not easily to do in PHP, in TiP seems to work well. Under the style directory you will never meet a PHP command and under the logic directory you will never meet any HTML tag.
  • High flexibility:
  • As a direct consequence of the logic/style separation, the user interface can be whatever you want. To be more specific, TiP is a preprocessor, not a CMS: this means the stuff you found in the style/ directory is a sample implementation of TiP, not TiP itself.
  • Modular structure:
  • The need to easily add or remove features is one of the target of this project. The TIP_Module is the brick over which the extension mechanism is built.
  • Quick responsiveness:
  • TiP is quick, at least with the default TIP_RcbtNG engine. Furthermore, the template compilation and the static cache can make the difference.
  • Whenever in doubt between different ways I ever selected the fastest (against simplicity).
  • Template and data engine abstraction:
  • The TIP_Template_Engine and TIP_Data_Engine abstract classes bring a common methods to access the underlying engines. This helps extending TiP beyond its natural limits, adding support for PostgreSql for instance or using another template engine instead of RcbtNG.

last updated on:
May 26th, 2009, 8:32 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Nicola Fontana
ROOT \ Programming \ Preprocessors
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What's New in version 0.3.2
  • The TIP_Class module interaction has been improved by allowing explicit field values and freezing the form elements when expected.
  • TIP_Data now allows joins between tables other than "LEFT JOIN".
  • TIP_Data_Engine exposes query() to be able to perform custom queries.
  • The new actionSearch() method has been implemented in TIP_Content: this allows to quickly configure search actions on generic content.
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