translate.Link 1.1

A simple PHP Translation Center that uses the CodeIgniter PHP Framework.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Istvan Hubay Cebrian
ROOT \ Programming \ Localization
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translate.Link is a simple PHP Translation Center that uses the CodeIgniter PHP Framework. It is meant for use by small to medium sized projects that use language files constructed using PHP associative arrays. translate.Link features the translation center itself and an administration area in which one can add users, associate languages (one or more) to each user, view logs and more.

Developer comments

This project was born out of the need to learn a PHP framework and as a side-effect to complement and assist in the development of my main project domus.Link. It is based (layout and design) on CMS Made Simple's own Translation Center, in fact quite a bit of the CSS used is copied directly from CMSMS TC.

translate.Link probably has various ways in which it could be improved, however, since my initial goal has been met I will probably not actively work on it. Therefore if you make any changes that improve translate.Link please submit them to me so that others can also benefit from your work.


1. Download and un-tar the package to your webserver

2. Create a MySQL database, database user and database tables to do so:

mysql -u root -p
CREATE DATABASE translatelink;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON translatelink.* TO 'tluser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'tlpass' WITH GRANT OPTION;
mysql -u root -p translatelink < database.sql

3. Change the permissions to the language directory and it's contents (chmod 755 languages/ -R)

4. Edit config.php acording to your needs

5. Point web browser to location of translate.Link and all should be ok (user: admin / pass: admin)


For this usage example it is assumed you have installed translate.Link in a folder named translate.Link/ within the root of your webserver.

translate.Link supplies a pre-filled DB, a .htaccess file and example language files. To access your installation use http://localhost/translate.Link to access the administration area use either http://localhost/admin or http://localhost/index.php/admin depending on whether or not you have mod_rewrite set-up and running.

One user is included in the DB, namely username: admin / password: admin. With this user you will be able to access both the translation area itself and the administration area. It is recomended that you edit the admin user details at your first login.

Two language files are supplied: English.php and Portuguese.php. These provide a template for your translations. The filenames and which language is the default can be selected in the config.php file. Currently translate.Link defaults to English as the original language.

Last updated on October 5th, 2008


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