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setup-gettext is a tool that provides drop-in compatibility with gettext.




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setup-gettext script is intended to be used instead of either gettextize or autopoint. setup-gettext script handles most of the magic of cross-version compatibility.

In mid-August 2002, I got to know the various versions of gettext better than I wanted to. Gaim and GNUpdate were compatible with gettext v0.10.38 through v0.10.40, but not the newer (somewhat annoying) v0.11.x series.

Due to lots of complaints from people trying to compile our code, I hacked up some work-arounds, which evolved into a helper tool for making projects compatible with various versions of gettext.

This is generally not needed nowadays, but is useful for projects that wish to continue supporting older versions of gettext without problems.


1. Copy setup-gettext to your project's root directory.
2. Type: ./setup-gettext --install
3. Make sure your project builds.

gettext Quirks / Issues:

* gettext v0.10.38 is incompatible with autoconf v2.53.
* gettext v0.11.x likes to modify ChangeLog,, m4/,, and
* Starting in either v0.11.3 or v0.11.4 (not sure which), gettextize should no longer be used. autopoint is the new gettextize. This breaks backwards-compatibility within the gettext v0.11.x micro version series.
* gettext 0.12.1 generates a broken po/Makefile, which works for some projects but not others.
Last updated on January 20th, 2006

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