pydbgr 0.1.6

Modular Python Debugger
pydbgr is a rewrite of pydb from the ground up.

This code assumes Python in the version range of 2.5 up to and not including 3K. Use pydb for Python 2.5 and earlier.

The intention is that IDE frameworks like Eclipse, Aptana or Netbeans and alternative Python implementations should be able to use pieces of the debugger as they see fit.

The command API portion of the debugger is largely modeled on the GNU GDB model. A command-line interface (CLI) is provided.

Main features:

  • Out-of-Process Debugging:
  • You can now debug your program in a different process or even a different computer on a different network!
  • Better stepping granularity:
  • Sometimes you want small steps, and sometimes large stepping.
  • This fundamental isse is handled in a couple ways:
  • Step Granularity:
  • There are now step event and next event commands with aliases to s+, s> and so on. The plus-suffixed commands force a different line on a subsequent stop, the dash-suffixed commands don't, ">" "

last updated on:
October 29th, 2010, 0:06 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Rocky Bernstein
ROOT \ Programming \ Debuggers
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