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iTunes is a Music Library File Format.


This file describes the iTunes Music Library file format for application versions 1.1.2 and 3.0.

The iTunes Music Library file contains a series of variable length blocks. The first part of the file refers to iTunes in general and to the number of playlists the file contains.

The middle part holds all of the MP3 data, which is only stored once per item. Each item has a unique identifier used later in the file. The last part of the file contains a list of playlists, and within each playlist is a list of the item identifiers from the middle of the file.


Each block of data begins with a four letter marker which denotes the type of block. Some blocks contain sub-blocks, which means you cannot simply read to the next marker.

The blocks show up roughly in this order:

hdfm -- file header
hdsm -- part header ?
htlm -- master items list header ?
htim -- master item record
hohm -- data sublock, multi-purpose (in htim, hpim blocks)
hplm -- playlist list header ?
hpim -- start of playlist block
hptm -- item indentifier sub-block for hpim


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iTunes is a Music Library File Format.


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