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Easy continuous wavelet analysis




swan is an utility for wavelet data analysis. It's meant to be simple in use and easy to extend.

Swan is a tool for wavelet data analysis meant to be simple in use and easy to extend.

The project is divided in two parts. One part is a python library—pycwt—to perform the CWT (Morlet and Mexican hat are supported) via the FFT. The other part is a GUI (called Swan), which uses part of the functionality of the pycwt.

So far only morlet wavelet can be used in the Swan gui. Morlet and Mexican hat can be used with pycwt package. Wavelet transform is done in Fourier space.

Basically, you just open a data file, which should be in a textual format, but can be gzipped too, and click on the `Apply CWT!' button when you are done with setting the parameter spins and knobs.

You can display the real and imaginary parts of the wavelet transform coefficients, modulus, phase, and energy density surface (this last one still a little bit under construction) in different colourmaps, whether in linear or logarithmic scale. You can also switch between coloured image and contourmap ways of visualization.

Once you have the results displayed, you can see local modulus maxima lines, and try to trace a desired rhythm manually. Just click the `Add' button in the `Rhythms' frame.
Last updated on December 14th, 2009

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