Dulwich 0.9.0

Pure-Python Git Library

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GPL v3 
Jelmer Vernooij
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Dulwich is a pure-Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols. It is named after the village in which Mr. and Mrs. Git live in the Monty Python sketch.

Dulwich aims to give an interface to git repos that doesn't call out to git directly. It is probably going to be implemented in pure-Python.

Currently can read blobs, trees and commits from the files. It reads both legacy and new headers. However it is untested for anything but the simple case.

Can also understand a little about the repository format.

The testsuite uses the nosetests program from Turbogears, as I got annoyed trying to set up unittest.

Open up a repo by passing it the path to the .git dir. You can then ask for HEAD with repo.head() or a ref with repo.ref(name). Both return the SHA id they currently point to. You can then grab this object with repo.get_object(sha).

For the actual objects the ShaFile.from_file(filename) will return the object stored in the file whatever it is. To ensure you get the correct type then call {Blob,Tree,Commit}.from_file(filename). I will add repo methods to do this for you with file lookup soon.

There is also support for creating blobs. Blob.from_string(string) will create a blob object from the string. You can then call blob.sha() to get the sha object for this blob, and hexdigest() on that will get its ID. There is currently no method that allows you to write it out though.

Everything is currently done with assertions, where much of it should probably be exceptions. This was merely done for expediency. If you hit an assertion, it either means you have done something wrong, there is corruption, or you are trying an unsupported operation.

Last updated on March 30th, 2012


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