runawk 1.5.0

small wrapper for AWK interpreter

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What's new in runawk 1.5.0:

  • The options -i, -I, and all long options were completely removed.
  • The option -T was added for tabbed input.
  • The option -v is documented in the man page.
  • Fixes for gcc compilation warnings.
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MIT/X Consortium License 
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Aleksey Cheusov
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runawk is a tiny wrapper for AWK interpreter that impements module system and helps to write the standalone AWK programs.


After years of using AWK for programming I've found that despite of
its simplicity and limitations AWK is good enough for scripting a wide
range of different tasks. AWK is not as poweful as their bigger
counterparts like Perl, Ruby, TCL and others but it has their own
advantages like compactness, simplicity and availability on almost all
UNIX-like systems. I personally also like its data-driven nature and
token orientation, very useful technique for simple text processing

But! Unfortunately awk interpreters lacks some important features and
sometimes work not as good as it whould be.

Some problems I see (some of them, of course).

1) AWK lacks support for modules. Even if I create small programs, I
often want to use the functions created earlier and already used in
other scripts. That is, it whould great to orginise functions into
so called libraries (modules).

2) In order to pass arguments to #!/usr/bin/awk -f script (not to awk
interpreter), it is necessary to prepand a list of
arguments with -- (two minus signes). In my view, this looks badly.



    #!/usr/bin/awk -f

    BEGIN {
       for (i=1; i < ARGC; i){
          printf "ARGV [%d]=%s ", i, ARGV [i]

Shell session:

    % awk_program --opt1 --opt2
    /usr/bin/awk: unknown option --opt1 ignored

    /usr/bin/awk: unknown option --opt2 ignored

    % awk_program -- --opt1 --opt2
    ARGV [1]=--opt1
    ARGV [2]=--opt2

In my opinion awk_program script should work like this (just like
normal programs do)

    % awk_program --opt1 --opt2
    ARGV [1]=--opt1
    ARGV [2]=--opt2

It is possible using runawk.

3) When #!/usr/bin/awk -f script handles arguments (options) and wants
to read from stdin, it is necessary to add
/dev/stdin (or `-') as a last argument explicitely.



    #!/usr/bin/awk -f

    BEGIN {
       if (ARGV [1] == "--flag"){
          flag = 1
          ARGV [1] = "" # to not read file named "--flag"

       print "flag=" flag " $0=" $0

Shell session:

    % echo test | awk_program -- --flag
    % echo test | awk_program -- --flag /dev/stdin
    flag=1 $0=test

Ideally awk_program should work like this

    % echo test | awk_program --flag
    flag=1 $0=test

All these probles are solved by runawk and this is why I wrote it.
I also include a few modules to runawk distribution which are
useful for me and I hope will be helpful for you too.


0) BSD make is required. I name it just 'make' but its real name may
   vary.  bmake and pmake are possible names.

   If you need to change the default building options,
   run make like this

     env [YOUR_ASSIGNMENTS] make < target >

   See example section below

1) Uncompress tarball you've downloaded like this

   gzip -dc runawk-X-Y-Z.tar.gz | tar -xf-

2) cd runawk-X-Y-Z

3) make

4) (optional!) make install-dirs

5) make install

There are a lot of Makefile variables that can be changed during
installation.  Runawk's own variables (All they are at the begining of

 PREFIX         - where runawk is installed to
 MODULESDIR     - directory where modules are installed to
 AWK_PROG       - path to awk interpreter
 STDIN_FILENAME - path to stdin device file

BSD make's variables (most commonly used,
for all others - see make's documentation and .mk files)

 BINDIR - where runawk executable itself is installed to
 MANDIR - where manual pages are installed to

 BINOWN - runawk executable owner
 BINGRP - runawk executable group

 MANOWN - man page owner
 MANGRP - man page group


   env CC=gcc
       LDFLAGS='-L/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-rpath -Wl,/usr/pkg/lib'
       CFLAGS='-Werror -Wall'
          make -s all install-dirs install

Last updated on September 12th, 2013

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