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ooc: the speed of C, the comfort of Java





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ooc is an object-oriented programming language which translates to C by the means of an intermediate compiler. It can then be compiled by a C compiler such as gcc. E.g. it supports classes, abstract functions, foreaches, etc. It intends to be modern, modular, extensible, yet simple to use. For more details about the language see the LanguageSummary page in the wiki.

Because it's translated to C, it's very portable & ubiquitous, and, well.. nearly as fast as C (e.g. no Virtual Machine). Also, it's very simple to see how the language works "under the hood".

Graphical step-by-step compiling tools have been made available, to experiment with adding new features to the compiler or fixing existing bugs.

The standard library is still in development, for now it's inspired by Java's standard APIs (e.g. for Collections). By the way, the main implementation of the ooc compiler is currently in Java. When the project is mature enough (=we'll see), it is planned to rewrite the compiler in ooc itself.

For an overview of the progress, see the examples/ folder in the SVN. You are welcome to write code in ooc! push the compiler to its limits.
Last updated on June 26th, 2009

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