objc 3.2.8

objc distribution consists of the "VICI", interactive Objective-C debugger and interpreter "objc", the actual compiler.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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David Stes
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
objc distribution consists of the "VICI", interactive Objective-C debugger and interpreter "objc", the actual compiler.

Consists of driver script ("objc") and binary ("objc1").
"objc1" is a precompiler for C.
The binary "postlink" is used
for preparing tables for runtime initialization.
"objcrt", the Objective C Runtime Library for "objc"

This is a modern, portable, "all C" Objective C runtime

There's absolutely no assembly language needed, nor is there a dependency on stack layout, register allocation conventions etc.

Most other runtimes, were derived from pre-"all C"-Stepstone runtimes, so this is an important point of difference.

"objpak", the "Object Pak" Objective C Collection Classes

Simple, powerful set of classes. Very portable.
Can be used to develop with different compilers, then
port with 'objc'. Compatible with ICpak101, the collection class library described in Brad Cox book, and used by existing Objective-C packages that were developed with Stepstone objc.

"cakit", the "Computer Algebra Kit" Objective C classes

Small, concise, interface to a large set of classes for polynomial computing and arbitrary precision integer arithmetic.

Source of compiler and "oclib", a set of Objective C classes for parsing C (and the Objective C extensions to C)

"objc" and "vici" are written in Objective C itself. It's all written in portable Objective C : any Objective C compiler should be able to compile the "objc" compiler. From time to time, we try a configure with other Objective-C compilers, to ensure that our sources are still compatible with e.g. Stepstone Objective C compiler.

NOT included is a C compiler : in order to be able to use "objc", you will need to elsewhere find a compatible C compiler. This should be no problem since one of our goals - see below - is to make "objc" work with as many C
compilers as possible. On UNIX systems, the (free) "gcc" compiler is a possibility (not needed, but possible). Another possibility, is to use the (free) "lcc" compiler or the "tcc" TDF compiler system.


Read the Install.txt file.

IMPORTANT : if this is a first-time installation, you have to start by installing the bootstrap package; do not install this package until you have installed the bootstrap package.

For every release, there is an objc-x.y.z.tar.gz package and an objc-x.y.z-bootstrap.tar.gz package.

Last updated on February 15th, 2007

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