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The Z-machine Preservation Project is a Java implementation of the Z-machine.




The Z-machine Preservation Project is a Java implementation of the Z-machine.

Z-machine Preservation Project is to provide a Z-code interpreter in Java that conforms to the standard and is easy to comprehend, maintain, and extend.

Architecturally, it consists of a Z-machine core system that is independent of a particular user interface technology. The core system's behaviour is documented and verified through its test cases.

Here are some key features of "Z machine Preservation Project":

written from scratch using Java 5
supports all story file versions (V6 deactivated in 1.5)
can be run as a Java applet within the web browser
saves and reads games in Quetzal 1.4 format
reads media in Blorb format
reads Z code embedded in Blorb files
shows Inform 7 meta data in application mode
input stream 0 and 1 (keyboard, mouse and file)
output streams 1, 2 and 3 (screen, transcript, memory with nesting)
split subwindows (paging, buffering, scrolling)
multiple font styles and colors (console Frotz color scheme)
sound effects (AIFF)
accented characters and unicode
timed input, preinitialized input
game-defined dictionaries, alphabet tables and accent tables
user defined default colors and fonts
command history (deactivated in this preview)
multiple undo


Java Runtime Environment 5 or later

What's New in 1.02 Stable Release:

This release adds a French translation, WebStart support, URL load improvement, a reworked home page, as well as minor bugfixes and changes.

What's New in 1.5 Preview 1 Development Release:

core execution is now a pause-resume
timed input is now controlled by user interface
New screen model based on standard Swing components
Spanish user interface translation by Pichuneke
All tests are using JUnit 4 and JMock 2.5
Memory, stack and variables are now all unsigned 16 or 8 bit values
better NetBeans integration
replaced ZsciiString and ZsciiStringBuilder and ZsciiStringTokenizer with the J2SE versions
changed decoding scheme to resemble the one from the Erlang implementation
Open function added
Standard and fixed fonts can be specified
postponed V6 support to the 1.6 release
Last updated on August 3rd, 2008

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