Simkin for C++ 2.23

Simkin for C++ is an embedded scripting language for C++ and XML.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
2.9/5 14
Simon Whiteside
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
Simkin is a simple interpreted language that can be placed within data files, including XML or within databases.

It can used to enable users to customize a C++-based application using scripts.

The language is interpreted by the C++ classes provided in the package.

The classes provide direct support for embedding the scripts within XML documents or within "TreeNode" files.

Simkin was written by Simon Whiteside . You can visit its web page at

Simkin was originally developed in 1996 using C++ in order to implement an interactive adventure game. A multimedia game engine supplied primitive functions which were called by scripts which controlled the logic of the game.

Since then, Simkin has also been used in the well-known music notation program Sibelius to supply the "Manuscript" plug-in system. Users can write scripts to perform useful transformations to the music they have written.

In 2000, Simkin was re-implemented to work with Java and XML.

Simkin for C++ is covered by the GNU LGPL licence.

Here are some key features of "Simkin for Cplusplus":

· Available for Java™ or C++ and XML
· Easy to embed - by overriding base classes or implementing interfaces
· Easy to script - the syntax is simpler than Javascript!
· Low runtime overhead - you control the memory, no garbage collection
· Low memory footprint - Simkin for Java is a 50k Jar file, Simkin for C++ is a 200k lib file for Visual C++
· Flexible script files - they can contain data as well as code
· Flexible Object Model - impose the object model you choose for your scripters
· Cross platform - written in standard code for Windows, Unix, Mac and more
· Source code provided - customization and support available

Last updated on April 15th, 2005

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