Scsh 0.6.7

Scsh is a broad-spectrum system-programming environment for Unix, embedded in Scheme.

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Olin Shivers
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
Scsh is an open-source Unix shell embedded within Scheme, running on all major Unix platforms including AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, Cygwin, HP-UX, Irix, Mac OS X, Solaris, and some others.

Scsh is a variant of Scheme 48 (an R5RS compliant new-tech Scheme system) Scsh is designed for writing real-life standalone Unix programs and shell scripts. Scsh spans a wide range of application, from "script" applications usually handled with perl or sh, to more standard systems applications usually written in C.

Scsh has two main components: a process notation for running programs and setting up pipelines and redirections, and a complete syscall library for low-level access to the operating system, i.e. to POSIX, the least common denominator of more or less all Unices, plus widely supported extensions such as symbolic links and BSD sockets.

Moreover, scsh provides an awk facility for pattern-directed computation over streams of records, a rich facility for matching regular-expression patterns in strings, event-based interrupt handling, user-level threads, a futuristic module system, and an interactive environment. Scsh comes with extensive documentation describing these and other features.

What's New in This Release:

Support for interix
Ignoring of synchronous signals
The procedures IGNORE-SIGNAL and HANDLE-SIGNAL-DEFAULT have been added.
Support for gcc 4.0
0.6 for module path
The standard module path now contains
${prefix}/lib/scsh/modules/0.6 in addition to
$prefix/lib/scsh/modules for compatibility with install-lib
New implementation of open-pty
Instead of search for /dev/pty??, scsh now tries a wide variety of ways to aquire a new pty and the corresponding tty.

Bug fixes
argv[0] is now the first element of command-line
Fixes found by new test suite
Regexp for empty string
Argument checking for COPY-BYTES!
GC_PROTECTs for send_substring
format_date support for #f timezone
Added predicates for user-info and group-info
Reaping of stopped processes: Do not mark stopped processes as dead md5-digest-for-port
regexps return char-sets
standard-let in srfi-5
(%)read-delimited! checks for mutable buffer
leap second for srfi-19
The default image for the scshvm is now the installed scsh.image.

Last updated on May 16th, 2006

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