Prothon 0.1.2 b711

Prothon is an interpreted prototype-based language.

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Ben Collins
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Prothon is a new dynamic object-oriented language that improves upon the excellent language Python. While not compatible with Python, Prothon is close enough for Python code to be easily ported to Prothon.

Over time the Python language has been enhanced while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions. This process has resulted in complex features such as the metaclass. Even Python experts admit that metaclasses are brain-achingly complex.

Also, Python's existing codebase has kept it from taking full advantage of its own new features such as iterators, generators, and properties. Python's creator and other Python experts also have a laundry list of features in Python that they wish could be changed. Prothon, by breaking compatibility with Python, is able to fix most of these problems in a clean, fresh new start.

Prothon is built upon the more flexible foundation of Prototypes rather than the classes of Python, while still fully supporting classes. This allows other object paradigms than classes to be used like acquisition and maybe even aspects.

Prothon is built on top of .Net from Microsoft and the compatible Mono from Novell (for Linux). This stable architecture has an unmatched runtime library available. .Net also allows Prothon to interoperate with many other languages and tools.

Last updated on April 15th, 2005

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