PATH programming language 0.33

PATH programming language is a unique two-dimensional programming language.

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ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
PATH is a very different programming language than what you are probably used to if you're an average programmer. If you've programmed in the language Brainf*ck, you'll recognize the memory cell architecture. Also, Befunge programmers will recognize the two-dimensional way that PATH programs are laid out.

PATH programs are laid out on a two-dimensional grid. It follows a path of instructions on the program grid, turning 90 degrees when instructed to (hence the name). A character recognized by the interpreter is called an instruction symbol.

To show you what a PATH program actually looks like, here's a simple program that coincidentally spells out the word "PATH" in large ASCII art letters. (You may recognize it from the PATH program homepage, and it's also included with the interpreter.) All it does is make the console beep. I'll explain it in detail later, once you know what all the instruction symbols do.

The interpreter starts at the first "$" symbol it finds and starts heading right. Every time it encounters a valid instruction symbol, it executes it. When it encounters certain special symbols, it may turn in another direction.

The interpreter keeps going until it reaches a "#" symbol. If it encounters a character that is not a valid instruction symbol, it ignores it and skips over it.

Last updated on April 15th, 2005

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