MillScript 10.2.0

MillScript is an easy to use language for batch producing templated Web sites.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 18
Kevin Rogers
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
MillScript projetc is a full featured, yet easy to use language for the batch production of templated Web sites.

The language is a Java-based, early implementation of Spice: an experimental language developed by the OpenSpice group.

MillScript benefits from a carefully considered and consistent syntax that should be most beneficial to ocassional and cross-over programmers. Its features include multiple valued expressions, embedded XML tags, powerful for loops, a rich template system, lambda functions, closures, classes, and methods, regular expressions, and more.

What's New in This Release:

Temporarily removed SVG support as the Apache License is not compatible with the GPL. As soon as I find a GPL compatible alternative I'll reinstate this functionality
Implemented Serializable for all classes are based on MillScript-Util functionality
Fixed an issue with embedded XML which caused an exception when an attribute value was not a string
Fixed an off by one error in the subrange function(used by the subrange syntax [X..Y])
Updated to use new AlertReporter interface from MillScript-Alert
Removed the Excel file loader, this can now be found in the MillScript-Excel package, which uses the new plugin system to add the loader into an installation.
Added a simple plugin infrastructure, which scans for plugin configuration files on startup.
Fixed the HTML renderers emtpy element tag set to match the HTML specification, i.e. an IFRAME is no longer considered an empty element, but the non-standard BGSOUND, SPACER and WBR tags are.
Added XML namespace support to MillScript, via XML files in an inventory, but not within the MillScript language(which will come later)
Added support for fat strings, i.e. strings that can span multiple lines. Fat strings are intended to bridge the gap between single line strings and autoloadable text files, i.e. medium length strings.
Added support for chained relational expressions, e.g. x < y < z, where each expression is evaluated once and only if required.
Added support for loading Excel spreadsheets. This is strictly limited to spreadsheets with text, numbers and very simple formulas(e.g. simple arithmetic and no floating point). Upgrades to this support are planned :-)
Ensure method's report their name, rather than pretending to be anonymous.
Added a properties file renderer and function, so you can now easily write Java properties files.
Migrating to Java 5 - added generics type information, annotated for overrides and suppressing warnings and added enumerations
Simplified name resolution code.
Migrated Map(and List, etc) functionality from the Java Collections API to the new MillScript-Util one. This unifies Lists and Maps at the Java level, rather than the MillScript one.
Fixed the bug stopping you from updating an list when indexing with negative indicies.
Migrated all internal use of XML to MillScripts own custom XML parser and API, rather than the previous SAX and DOM based ones. This has included using the new parsers Name and Attribute(s) interfaces and implementations where appropriate.
Migrated the template loaders to use the SAX API rather than transforming a DOM object.
Added te-common library for command line argument parsing. Added a Java implementation of the website and status commands. More will follow.
Added serialVersionUID's to serializable classes, to enable version handling when serializing.
Added a TrueType font loader, so you can now put TrueType fonts in your inventory and load them. When we have a graphics API you'll be able to use these to draw onto images.

Last updated on March 21st, 2007

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