Homespring 0.1.0

Homespring is a bizarre programming language in the spirit of INTERCAL and Befunge.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Jeff Binder
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
Homespring is a bizarre programming language in the spirit of INTERCAL and Befunge.

Homespring project is designed to superficially resemble English, but hide beneath it a structure so needlessly complicated and ridiculously impractical that it brings tears to the eyes.

Instead of being an excessively low-level language, like most of these efforts are, Homespring aims to be excessively high-level, as you shall see.

Homespring stands for Hatchery Oblivion through Marshy Energy from Snowmelt Powers Rapids Insulated but Not Great. Once you see the language you'll know why. One might also call it HOtMEfSPRIbNG, if one so desires. HS will do in a pinch.

Programming in Homespring is hard, mainly because it is so different from other languages. The language closest to Homespring is Hunter, in that it relies on autonomous agents to carry information. Although unlike Hunter, HS has the environment changing the agents, not the other way around. HS also has an extremely rigid structure that you basically have to work around.

As I've said, it's designed to resemble English. It doesn't cheat all that much either. Although it's case insensitive, the periods are lexically significant, and most of the words you see are actually keywords.

Even though the most trivial programs can be fiendishly difficult to write in Homespring, programming it is still kind of interesting and fun. It's also fun to know you've written a working program that looks like the one just below.

What's New in This Release:

This initial release includes a fast homespring interpreter, a graphical debugger, and several example Homespring programs.

Last updated on January 3rd, 2006

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